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A Counseling Commentary on Philippians: Contentment and Gratitude

This article is part of a series that provides a commentary on the Epistle to the Philippians from a biblical counseling viewpoint. In this instance, the author shows how Paul sees contentment and gratitude as two sides of the same coin. From……………..

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What Does Paul Really Mean When He Says, ‘I Can Do All Things?’

This is part of a verse that is probably misapplied by many people. To get a clearer picture of what Paul was saying in Phil. 4:13, this article takes a look at the larger context of the passage. From…………….

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6 Lessons from Philippians to Encourage Believers

The Epistle to the Philippians is one of my favorite parts of the New Testament, and this article highlights the encouragements to be gained from reading and meditating on this wonderful letter from Paul. From……………