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The Cost of Withholding Kindness

Another in a series of articles from Knowable Word that goes into more depth into the lessons and wisdom to learn from this important book in the Old Testament. When we seek to “fix” someone else and their problem rather than really listen to them in their pain, then we are in danger of angering the Lord………………….

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The Difference Between Job and His Three Friends

One of my very favorite websites is Knowable Word. They do a fantastic job of teaching people how to study the Scriptures effectively, and they break down the books in such a way that the important truths are grasped and made applicable.

In this article, the focus is on the difference between Job and his three friends and how they treat suffering in light of the sovereignty of God. The takeaway for me: Unlike the three friends, Job truly fears God, and believes that God can still use suffering to redeem and to restore………………….