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Critique Gently, Encourage Fiercely

This is a really thoughtful article from pastor and author Scott Sauls. While it admonishes believers to be gracious and encouraging in all of our interactions, it states that one of the reasons to be this way ( besides the exhortations and commands of Jesus! ), is because everyone is fighting inner battles and a sense of loneliness these days. From………………………..

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3 Obstacles to Giving

This article is about how to be a more giving person by wrestling with the three obstacles to being such a person as Jesus. “In this post, we’re looking at what keeps us from giving. Keep in mind that I’m not thinking about money when I say ‘giving.’ I’m thinking about giving our time, our attention, our skills, or other personal resources. Giving can be as simple as going out of your way to offer encouragement to someone else. Money is only one way we can give, and it’s not as open to people as these other more common means.” From……………………..

3 Obstacles to Giving

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Love is the Meaning of Life — Dallas Willard

Love reveals the meaning of life

We have never known a person genuinely devoted to serving God and others from an agape-centered worldview to have a problem discerning the “meaning of life.” To love God with divine love is to be constantly seeking to do, and be involved in, what is good, to and for God, which is also to be simultaneously committed to the good of our “neighbors.” This is why each of the Ten Commandments conveys key relational dynamics that provide common benefits to the individual as well as the community. This becomes more obvious when Jesus teaches that the internalization of these laws or ways sets us free to live life at its fullest (Matt. 5–7). This comes when the ways of God are written, or imprinted, on the heart, the motivational centerpiece of human life.

From The Divine Conspiracy Continued: Fulfilling God’s Kingdom on Earth. Copyright © 2014 by Dallas Willard amd Gary Black Jr. All rights reserved. Used with permission of HarperCollins Publishers.