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Critique Gently, Encourage Fiercely

This is a really thoughtful article from pastor and author Scott Sauls. While it admonishes believers to be gracious and encouraging in all of our interactions, it states that one of the reasons to be this way ( besides the exhortations and commands of Jesus! ), is because everyone is fighting inner battles and a sense of loneliness these days. From………………………..

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God’s Communicable Attributes: How Kind of You !

Theologically speaking, God’s attributes can be divided into two categories — incommunicable, meaning that they only belong to God; and communicable, meaning attributes that He shares with humans. In this brief article, it covers the communicable attribute of kindness. But remember: God is NOT kind like we are, people are kind like GOD IS. He is the definition of kindness! From Place for Truth……….

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Sticks, Stones, and Words…Can Cut Me Deeply

The old saying alluded to in this title has to be one of the dumbest sayings of all times….of course words can hurt! As Christians we must commit to never knowingly try to hurt another with our words. Some wisdom and encouragement here from pastor and author Scott Sauls………….

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The Cost of Withholding Kindness

Another in a series of articles from Knowable Word that goes into more depth into the lessons and wisdom to learn from this important book in the Old Testament. When we seek to “fix” someone else and their problem rather than really listen to them in their pain, then we are in danger of angering the Lord………………….