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  • Encouragement for Battling Spiritual Depression

    Encouragement for Battling Spiritual Depression

    I see spiritual depression as a sadness and anxiety over one’s perceived lack of spiritual growth. But this article explains how we can overcome these feelings through a proper view of Christ’s work on the cross and how it is applied to our lives. From Beautiful Christian Life………….. https://www.beautifulchristianlife.com/blog/encouragement-for-battling-spiritual-depression

  • Why Do Christians Do Bad Things?

    Why Do Christians Do Bad Things?

    I love this article! “To answer this question, we must consider the Bible’s teaching about what has already happened to the Christian, what is happening to the Christian, and what has not yet happened to the Christian.” From Ligonier.org………… https://www.ligonier.org/learn/articles/why-christians-do-bad-things



    Yes, I am a phony. I am not really as holy and righteous as I might appear. But neither are you….or you over there. But God knows this, and He is not surprised. Nor is He done with us! From Your Mom Has a Blog……………….