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In Christ, We Have Direct Access to God

Sometimes we just need a reminder of the awesomeness of having direct access to God at all times because of the death and resurrection of Jesus! From Counseling One Another………..

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10 Things You Should Know about the Presence of God

The presence of God is a truth that is often very hard to grasp, but our faith can become more solidified as we grow to understand God’s presence better. From……………………..

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This interesting article examines how our desires and longings tell us a lot about God. The insights here could even be of use as you evangelize the unsaved. From………………………….

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Friends Along the Path

This article reminds us that when we walk the path of righteousness with Christ, we will always have enemies trying to get us off that path. But we also have four friends who will help us to stay on that path. From A Place for Truth…………

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With God, We are Never Alone


This is the third article in the series of teachings from the book Hearing God by Dallas Willard. This article covers lessons learned from Chapter Three, “Never Alone.” 

Before discussing hearing God’s voice, a believer must first have an understanding and trust that God is present with them. This understanding of God’s presence usually grows in stages. First, there is a simple faith that it must be true that God is with us, maybe because of some unique past experience or the faith of others in this fact. But we might have no direct awareness of His being here with us specifically.

Then, through time and experience, we might move to awareness at times of a powerful feeling or impression of God’s presence. This type of understanding makes itself known at times when a number of people on a church project, for example, find that their thoughts and activities have been synchronized through a sense of God’s presence and intentions.

Finally, we perceive God acting in conjunction with our actions in a way that changes the circumstances not possible through simple human effort alone. But these three phases of the sensing of God’s presence are only the beginning because of our relationship with God as priests for Him and as His adopted children. God wants to relate to and converse with us actively. This leads us to what Willard defines as our full purpose in God: “A conversational relationship with God where we are consistently and deeply engaged as His friend and co-laborer in the affairs of the Kingdom of God.” 

Next time, we will look more closely at the idea of God speaking to us directly on a consistent basis.