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Hope and Help for the Anxious and Weary

This article does a couple of things well: It addresses the issue of taking medication for mental health problems as a totally acceptable option for Christians. Also, it discusses how and why God puts an emphasis on rest and peace in His Word. From I am Second Blog…………

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Why Vines and Fig Trees are Still Relevant for Bible Study and Application

This article examines the imagery of peace and well-being given in the Book of Micah and other places in the Old Testament. “Heaven can be too big for many of us to wrap our minds around, so when someone, or something, gives us the impression that peace is available to us now, it can be easy to be swayed. But I find Micah’s picture of sitting under our vine and fig tree visually accessible and emotionally immediate.” From…………………………..

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Yahweh Shalom — The Lord Is Peace

I enjoy these articles from writer Ann Spangler on the Names of God. This one is Yahweh Shalom/The Lord is Peace…………….

Yahweh Shalom — The Lord Is Peace

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Experiencing Peace in the Midst of Anxiety

Only for the Christian is this possible, and only because of the indwelling of Jesus! From the Mental Health Grace Alliance…………………

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A Restless Spirit | Articles | Two Journeys

Those without Christ will always be basically discontented and restless. But this can also happen with those of us who follow Jesus. This article helps if we feel a lack of the peace that should characterize believers. From Two Journeys…………

Source: A Restless Spirit | Articles | Two Journeys