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  • Weighing Our Words with Wisdom

    Weighing Our Words with Wisdom

    Because we are all exposed to — and tempted to — the misuse and abuse of our words these days, this is a timely and helpful article! From Biblical Counseling Coalition……….. https://www.biblicalcounselingcoalition.org/2022/10/10/weighing-our-words-with-wisdom/

  • 8 Ways God’s Gentleness Has a Huge Impact on Our Lives

    8 Ways God’s Gentleness Has a Huge Impact on Our Lives

    I have not always felt this way about God, but the more I study His Word and reflect on His mercy and grace in my life, the more I can discern the gentleness of the Lord. A great article from Crosswalk.com….. https://www.crosswalk.com/faith/bible-study/ways-gods-gentleness-has-made-you-great.html

  • Critique Gently, Encourage Fiercely

    Critique Gently, Encourage Fiercely

    This is a really thoughtful article from pastor and author Scott Sauls. While it admonishes believers to be gracious and encouraging in all of our interactions, it states that one of the reasons to be this way ( besides the exhortations and commands of Jesus! ), is because everyone is fighting inner battles and a […]