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This link to the article on The Gospel Coalition site looks a little wonky, but I encourage you to go ahead and click on the article title because you will find it worth it due to all of the useful links and the helpful words from singer Bethany Barnard. By the way, she wrote one of the best lines I have heard in any Christian song: “You [God] can do in my waiting than I can do in my doing”……………………

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Good News for Doubters

First of all: It is not at all unusual for believers to sometimes have doubts about God or about their faith — it means your human! Also, God does not count our doubt against us, because our salvation is not dependent on the strength of our faith and belief and assurance. He Who called us is faithful! From Core Christianity……………….

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Stewarding Our Doubts About God

Here is one of the takeaways for me: “Doubt can be a gift from God to keep us humble.” This means we can’t demand that God explain Himself to us in all His particulars, and we must recognize that we are finite and must accept that our understanding will always be limited. From Biblical Counseling Coalition………………….