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10 Things You Might Not Know about Daniel in the Bible

I find Daniel to be one of the most interesting persons in the Bible. He was exiled to Babylon as a teenager, became the second in command to the king, exercised great gifts and faith, and is not mentioned with any faults or sins. From………..

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Can We Find the Gospel, Even in the Darkness of Judges?

As this title indicates, the Book of Judges shows a very dark period in the history of the Israelites. So dark, it is hard to find any light or encouragement there ( When was the last time you saw a quote from there in an online meme? ). But this article serves as a reminder that the gospel can be found even there. From……….

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What Are the Psalms of Asaph?

We all know that David wrote a lot of the Psalms in our Bibles, but what about some of the others who also wrote some psalms? From………….