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10 Bible verses about anxiety

Oh my goodness…this world certainly produces a lot of anxiety! But thank God we are not left powerless in the face of our inner and outer anxieties. From First15…..

10 Bible verses about anxiety

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How to Pray When You’re Feeling Depressed | Crossway Articles

Boy, this is a really excellent article with advice and encouragement on how to pray when struggling with depression. These suggestions would also work great for when one is dealing with worry and anxiety. From Crossway…….

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Help! I’m Feeling Anxious About…Everything

Our world today is filled with worry and anxiety, and believers are not immune from these struggles. But Jesus and the apostles had a lot to say and teach about how Christians can biblically deal with worry. A really great article here from……

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4 Ways to Understand the Mind of Christ in Depression or Anxiety

This is an important and helpful article on understanding what having the mind of Christ means in terms of those who struggle with mental health concerns. My takeaway: Having the mind of Christ is more true than my depression or my anxiety. From the Mental Health Grace Alliance…………..

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Experiencing Peace in the Midst of Anxiety

Only for the Christian is this possible, and only because of the indwelling of Jesus! From the Mental Health Grace Alliance…………………