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Paint – and – Pen is the blog and website of Lori and Nicholas Vafiades. Lori has been an artist and art pastor for over 20 years, and has a number of various ministries she is involved in in her local church and community, as well as ministering to believers in various venues across the US and around the world. Nicholas has been a writer and editor since his days of serving with Focus on the Family, and now ministers to people around the world through his personal blog at averagechristiannet.net, as well as producing writing and editing projects for Christian workers.

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Overview of the Book of Haggai

Knowable Word always does a great job with these overviews and breakdowns of the various books of the Bible. Here is an overview of the Old Testament Book of Haggai…………….

Simply Getting Older Does Not Make You Faithful — Jesus Does

The point behind this article is to exhort younger Christians to lean into Jesus and the sanctification provided by the Holy Spirit now and not to wait until someday in the future when a person becomes “spiritually mature.” Taking steps to grow now is the only way to see those efforts bring about a stronger […]


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