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Paint – and – Pen is the blog and website of Lori and Nicholas Vafiades. Lori has been an artist and art pastor for over 20 years, and has a number of various ministries she is involved in in her local church and community, as well as ministering to believers in various venues across the US and around the world. Nicholas has been a writer and editor since his days of serving with Focus on the Family, and now ministers to people around the world through his personal blog at averagechristiannet.net, as well as producing writing and editing projects for Christian workers.

Latest Posts

God’s Eternal Plan for You

When I read articles like this one, I get so upset with myself for ever thinking that God doesn’t know about or care about my life! From Core Christianity…………….. God’s Eternal Plan For You

Have You Ever Lost Trust in God?

If you have, it is OK. Almost everyone has at some point or other (even David and Paul despaired of being forgotten by God!). This brief article from Core Christianity ties in with my previous article titled “Remembering to Remember.” When things get tough, and God seems distant, that is when we need to remember […]

Remembering to Remember

I have suffered all of my life with severe anxiety and depression. And this includes my 35+ years as a Christian. I know that many other believers struggle as I do, and maybe even get to feeling “faithless” and “unworthy” before God for feeling that way. But God is neither surprised nor angry or frustrated […]


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