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Let’s Study the Beatitudes! Part 6, The Merciful

In this article in the series on the Beatitudes, the topic is the blessing for those who are merciful. “All men, whether redeemed or not, have received immeasurable mercy from God (Matthew 5:43-45). But we who have been touched by Christ, healed by his power, comforted by his closeness, and forgiven through his blood ought to be those who desire all the more to be embodiments of mercy as ambassadors of Christ on earth (2 Corinthians 5:20).” From……………………………

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When You Don’t Understand What God is Doing, Trust Jesus

This is a great article by way of Eternal Perspectives Ministries that remind us when we don’t understand what God is doing ( or not doing ), we need to trust Jesus and His heart…….

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Dwelling Upon God — Dallas Willard

Dwelling upon God

To bring the mind to dwell intelligently upon God as he is presented in his Word will have the effect of causing us to love God passionately, and this love will in turn bring us to think of God steadily. Thus he will always be before our minds. As Thomas Watson beautifully wrote long ago,

The first fruit of love is the musing of the mind upon God.

He who is in love, his thoughts are ever upon the object. . . . By

this we may test our love to God. What are our thoughts most

upon? Can we say we are ravished with delight when we think

on God? . . . Oh, how far are they from being lovers of God, who

scarcely ever think of God!

As disciples engage in the practice of placing Jesus Christ at center stage in every branch of human knowledge, they are simultaneously being encouraged to train their thoughts ever upon God. In this way they enter not only a life of study, but also a life of worship.

To think of God rightly, as God is, one cannot help but lapse into worship; and worship is the single most powerful force in completing and sustaining the spiritual formation of the whole person. Worship naturally arises from thinking rightly of God on the basis of revealed truth confirmed in experience. We say flatly: worship is at once the overall character of the renovated thought life and the only safe place for any human being to stand.

From Renewing the Christian Mind: Essays, Interviews, and Talks. Copyright © 2016 by Willard Family Trust. All rights reserved. Used with permission of HarperCollins Publishers.

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Context Matters: Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak

This article provides further insight and understanding for all the implications of this phrase from James 1. From Knowable Word………

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The Best and Second Best Reasons to Study Theology

Theology is simply the study of God and His works in the world. So, theology ideally should help us to know God better and to love and worship Him more. From……………………

The Best and Second Best Reasons to Study Theology

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Praying the Names of God: Ab, Abba — Father

This is an important one of the many names of God, because only believers in the Lord Jesus Christ can rightfully use this term for God. From author and Bible teacher Ann Spangler………………….

Ab, Abba — Father

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What Is a Theophany in the Bible?

An interesting article on theophanies in the Bible, with theophanies being visible, tangible appearances of God’s presence. From

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Living in Trust

Trust is a funny thing. We talk about people with descriptions like, “She is a trusting soul,” or “He should not be trusted.” We all have to exercise trust in other drivers when we come to a stoplight. Or we trust in undeniable facts — even those we don’t understand, like gravity — as we live our daily lives. Trust is something all of us know and apply countless times a day. But for the believer, these everyday kinds of trust issues and situations cannot guide our spiritual lives like learning to trust in God.

Trusting God has always been a struggle for me, probably due to my tense relationship with my earthly father. But daily, I try to increase my trust in God in my actions and attitudes. As I see it, there are two necessary building blocks to a strong trust in the Lord.

The first category of ideas that make up a biblical trust in God is to understand and come to truly appreciate the attributes and character of God. While all of the attributes that theologians have delineated over the years, the most important for me are God’s omnipotence and His sovereignty. As I rack up my experiences with things like answered prayer and the teachings of Scripture, I can answer the first question about God: Can He take care of me? The more I dwell on God’s love demonstrated through the life and ministry of Jesus, the more I see and know what the Bible teaches about God’s power and His rule over all things in the world and my life. So, I recognize that God is powerful enough, aware enough, and loving enough to do good things for His children in any circumstance.

Then, to build a strong trust, I must also answer the question: Does God care about me in my struggle to live in this world and work with the Spirit to grow in likeness to Christ? In other words, God is good, and He is powerful and sees all, but does He actually know and like me? Is God only interested in some Christians and not others, or are my days lived out under God’s wise direction and knowing that He loves me individually. I believe we all have to come to a place where our emotions and even our circumstances are not the determining factors in God’s trustworthiness. So, I must choose to trust based on what I have seen God do in the past in my life, as well as the clear teaching of Scripture.

Jerry Bridges, in his book Trusting God, says:

“Let me emphasize that trusting God does not mean we do not experience pain. It means we believe God is at work even through our pain to bring about something good. It means we work back through the Scriptures regarding His sovereignty, wisdom, and goodness, and ask Him to use those Scriptures to bring comfort and peace to our hearts.”

Trust is absolutely essential for me to be able to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and to follow the leadings of God in my walk with Christ. I am not fully there yet but learning to truly trust God is the most important thing to me in living as a son of the Creator and Provider. 

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To the God Who Has Been My Shepherd All My Life Long

This phrase is a beautiful testimony from Jacob to Pharaoh near the end of his long life. May we all be mindful of this! From Counseling One Another……

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Teaching the Trinity: TRIUNE

Here, Bible scholar Michael F. Bird gives an acronym to help in an understanding of the biblical teaching and theological understanding of the Trinity. From Euangelion……………………..