A Little About Lori and Nicholas


Serving In-House

Lori volunteers as the Arts Pastor at the recovery-based Sanctuary Church in Old Colorado City, Colorado. The church houses Sanctuary Studios, a 1200 square foot art studio where Lori and the leadership team offer studio space for local artists, fine art and craft classes, healing encounters, life groups, and a central gathering place for creatives of all kinds. The artists also serve the church by providing life-giving art in various spaces and painting live at services and other events.

Taking It To Town

Outreaching into the local community, Sanctuary Studios established and manages a gift shop art gallery and henna studio, 10 blocks from the church/studio, in tourist-heavy Old Colorado City. This growing community of 20 Colorado artists has established themselves in this historic and art district. The shop has become a favorite hangout for seekers and artists and those looking to connect. The wing wall, maker’s station, and peaceful patio, as well as thousands of pieces of local art, pull in both neighbors and tourists. Live music, art demonstrations, and great conversations encourage people to stay. Recently, while locking the shop front door, at the end of a long day, Lori heard herself exclaim, out loud, “We had church here today.”

Reaching Global Communities

Lori has served on or led creative teams in India, South Africa, Israel, Germany, Mexico, Canada, and various US locations. She is currently developing a program to serve churches nationally and internationally, to develop dynamic art ministries.


Nicholas served as a special Correspondent Assistant to Dr. James Dobson at Focus on the Family, starting in 1989. Unfortunately, his service at Focus ended in 2008 with the Great Recession. But those 20 years at Focus are where he honed his writing, editing, and researching skills. He also discovered that a considerable number of believers are hurting spiritually and emotionally.

So, Nicholas now uses his editorial skills to equip and encourage other believers while doing so in a way that informs and entices potential believers to explore more about our wonderful Savior. The primary method to achieve that goal has been his personal blog, which currently has more than 4000 views a month, with people engaged from over 65 countries. Nicholas recently completed serving with a Christian translation organization, writing summaries of books for foreign pastors. Nicholas serves Paraclete by providing his writing and editorial talents to other associates with whatever writing and editing needs they might have. Also, he uses his blog and other platforms to encourage his spiritual brothers and sisters; and to provide some light in this dark world for those seeking the Way and the Truth and the Life.


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