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Will Our Time and Efforts Invested in Hobbies Be Considered Worthless at the Judgment Seat of Christ?

A long title for this article. What it is referring to is the scriptural teaching that every believer will have their lives for Christ reviewed for rewards (not for entrance into heaven — that is already and always assured!). Here, author and pastor Randy Alcorn makes the case that God looks kindly on how pursuits of hobbies and leisure activities as signs of our enjoying our salvation in God. From Eternal Perspectives Ministries………………..

By nicholasv56

An average Christian guy who has never written a book, Pastor education and church, or founded a ministry ---- you know a Christian man exactly like 98 percent of all other Christian man in America, but who wants to demonstrate that us normal guys love Jesus and have lots to say about life and faith like us non-celebrities experience 24/7.

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