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Surrendering to God’s Wisdom

This is a great, concise article/devotion from Randy Alcorn. I think the problem that many atheists have with coming to faith in God is a stubborn refusal to accept that God is greater than we are and does not owe us answers to any and all of our questions. At some point, we have to choose to believe that God is God so He is wiser, more patient, kinder and more just and right than we can ever be. From Eternal Perspectives Ministries………………….

By nicholasv56

An average Christian guy who has never written a book, Pastor education and church, or founded a ministry ---- you know a Christian man exactly like 98 percent of all other Christian man in America, but who wants to demonstrate that us normal guys love Jesus and have lots to say about life and faith like us non-celebrities experience 24/7.

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