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3 Lessons From the Feeding of the 5000

There is some good stuff in this article on the only miracle of Jesus that is mentioned in all four of the Gospels. Here is a takeaway: “If I say something to my children once, they may or may not listen. But if I repeat a request over and over, they get the point that I really expect something to be done. I would suggest that we should listen to the Bible, even if something is only mentioned once. The truth is the truth. But we should also notice when the same statement or the same story is mentioned a number of times.” From Stephen J. Bedard……………..

By nicholasv56

An average Christian guy who has never written a book, Pastor education and church, or founded a ministry ---- you know a Christian man exactly like 98 percent of all other Christian man in America, but who wants to demonstrate that us normal guys love Jesus and have lots to say about life and faith like us non-celebrities experience 24/7.

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